One Stop Engineering Solutions that  design, repair and maintain your power generation equipment!

Turnkey EPC Solutions

One of the leading mid-sized EPC contractors in India

Designing diesel engine based backup power units for Data Centers

Building diesel engine Test Cell equipment

Refurbishment and Rebuilding diesel and gas engine power plants

Ship Repair Solutions

Repair & Maintenance of Zexel Governors, Turbochargers and Propulsion Systems

Early Warning Predictive Diagnostics to pre-empt failures and breakdowns.

Authorized Distributors for Niigata, Japan

Sole Authorized Sales and Service Distributor of Niigata Marine Diesel Engines and Industrial Engines, Gas Engines and  Z-Pellers in India and South Asia

12 year proven track record as preferred Niigata marine diesel engine repair experts.

Authorized Distributors for EMD, USA

Sole Authorized Service and Spares Distributor for EMD in India.

Complete support for 645 and 710 series engines.

CAT Engine Experts: Eliminating engine overhauls!

CAT Specialists: CAT Service  and Caterpillar Parts with early warning diagnostics

Removing latent defects continuously through predictive maintenance

Saving customers at least 40% on operating costs from OEM guidelines, without compromising on reliability

Moving from time-based to condition-based monitoring

Eliminating the need for top overhauls completely!

Authorized Distributor for Auramarine, Finland

Authorized Sales and Service Distributor for Auramarine Fuel Supply Systems and Auxiliary units, including FuelSafeTM fuel changeover systems and fuel supply system solutions for IMO2020 compliance.

Industrial IOT solutions  for all rotary equipments that reduce Operational and Maintenance Costs

Condition Based Monitoring with Torsional Vibration

  • Alpha System: The world’s first and only diagnostic tool that measures torsional vibration!
  • Far more sensitive than linear vibration measurements
  • Get real-time data on your machine’s health for indicators like bearings, injection condition and mounts
  • 3 in 1 benefits: Vibration Measurements, Electrical Signature Measurements and Thermography
  • Condition Based Maintenance for all rotary equipment
  •  Industrial IOT for asset integrity management

Tan Delta Oil Condition Monitoring

  • Condition Based Monitoring of Oil for end-to-end Industrial IOT machine health monitoring 
  • Particulate & Water Contamination Testing
  • Viscosity and TAN Number
  • Real-time rate of deterioration of the oil
  • Oil Trend Analysis to trigger automated alarms for an oil change

Oil Filtration and Oil Cleaning Solutions

  • The world’s  only oil filtration system with an in-built oil monitoring sensor
  • Eliminate up to 54% of engine failures
  • Varnish MPC removal for steam and gas turbines
  • Oil Filtration Solutions up to 0.1 micron

MetaLine Surface Coating and Protection

  • Up to 50% more resistant than other epoxy coatings
  • Ultra-light, easy to use with a spray gun
  • Coating solutions available from thicknesses in range of 1-20mm
  • Processing time of less than 5 minutes
  • Corrosion, Cavitation and Erosion resistant

Quick Access Cloud Database for Customers

In our quest to continually delight our customers, we have built a Neptunus Cloud based portal that will enable customers to view all reports from our service jobs on their sites, contract documentation and photographs of projects. This will give our customers real time data about our work on their assets and our contracts with them, and will enable us to serve them better. This Neptunus Cloud service enables our customers to keep track of all our work with them historically, and avoids the hassle of them having to save their reports separately.

Reports include:

  • Work Done Reports
  • Inspection Reports
  • Health Check-Up Reports
  • Oil Analysis Reports
  • Customer Feedback Forms
  • Purchase Orders
  • Export Documentation
  • Surveyor Reports