Engine Training and Capability Building Center

At Neptunus, we recognize the need to constantly upgrade the skills of our Service team, so that they can continually delight our customers. To do this, we have invested in a unique Engine Training and Capability Building Center, located in Mumbai, India. We have working EMD 16-645, CAT D399, CAT C-32, CAT C-15 and Detroit V-71 engines, making ours possibly the only such facility in the world. Such infrastructure ensures that skills and capabilities of our Service teams are constantly honed.

Who can attend

• Professionals from Marine, Drilling and Industrial sectors

• Rig Managers, Chief Engineers, Chief Mechanics, Maintenance Supervisors, Engineers and Motormen

Courses Offered at our Engine Training Center

Familiarization Course (1 day), Basic Course (3 days) and Advanced Course (5 days)

Course Content

• Introduction to Diesel Engines
• Engine Familiarization
• Surface Maintenance and Protection
• Accessory Drive Gear and Cover
• Main Bearings and Power Assembly
• Pistons and liners
• Cylinder Heads
• Power Assembly Change out
• Camshafts and Valve timings
• Governors
• Engine Adjustments
• lube Oil and Cooling Systems
• Air Intake Systems
• Turbo-chargers


• Strengthened existing maintenance skills
• Addition of state of the art operational knowledge
• Correct responses to control system messages
• Improved problem solving capabilities
• Better understanding of servicing procedures
• Less reliance on outside service providers
• Motivated and more responsible crew
• Commitment to quality workmanship
• Boosted company loyalty
• Better utilisation of resources and personnel