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Neptunus’ focus is Service Excellence for the Marine, Offshore, Industrial and Mining Sectors. We specialize in large gas and diesel engine repairs, spare parts, maintenance and troubleshooting solutions, and also trade in non-ferrous alloys. Our skilled and versatile teams, focus on continual improvement and emphasis on our people and culture have helped us build an organization whose cornerstone is Customer Delight.

20 years into our journey, our driving question remains “What are we doing to add increasing value to each of our Customers?”

Cutting Edge

Today, Neptunus is on the cutting edge of reliability engineering in the maintenance industry. Our pioneering ExtenSave technology uses Oil Excellence through advanced nano-filtration as a foundation for proactive maintenance, helping our Customers save tens of thousands of dollars every year in maintenance costs.



Integral to our growth story has been our diversity and global footprint. Neptunus is today present in the Marine, Offshore, Industrial and Mining sectors. We operate from our offices in India, Tanzania and the UAE. We serve a vast geography, which includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia.

Culture and Values

Today, we are aware that technology and skills are replicable globally. Our people and culture, however, can differentiate us. Our team of nearly 100 is united and driven by our core values of being the DBEST.

Delighting Customers
Business Ethics
Empowered Employees
Safety and Social Responsibility
Technical Excellence


Credentials and Resources

• Over 50 Service Personnel, with certifications, special tools and experience to travel to any location worldwide.
• ISO 9001 certified by LRQA since 1999, just 3 years since inception.
• A workshop in Navi Mumbai, India with the capacity to overhaul and test engines up to 2 MW.
• ‘Export House’ and ‘Ship Repair Unit’ recognition by Government of India.
• Neptunus Power Plant Services, India is rated BBB long term by ICRA.
• Our Warehouse in UAE stocks genuine Engine Spare Parts worth roughly USD 1 million.


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