Extend life of equipment and Save money by Oil Excellence and Advanced Condition Monitoring

ExtenSave = Oil Excellence with nano-filtration + Reliability Engineering

ExtenSave is Neptunus’ pioneering, industry changing initiative towards condition monitoring, proactive maintenance and reliability engineering. The aim is to get our Customers to save tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. What makes ExtenSave different from other proactive maintenance approaches is our emphasis on Oil Excellence through Europafilter, a Swedish pioneer in nano-filtration.


Oil Does Not Wear Out

Oil doesn’t wear out. It gets contaminated. Particles in oil get oxidized, leading to further contamination. So, oil needs to be frequently changed. According to the U.S. Bureau of Standards, if oil is cleaned properly, it can be used indefinitely.

Oil Excellence and Europafilter

Europafilter is the most advanced nano-filtration technology in the world. Online filters in equipment filter down to 8-10 microns, which remove 10% of the particulate matter. The Europafilter removes particulate matter down to 0.1 microns, cleaning oil of 99% of its contaminants. What’s better than changing the oil in your system every day? Using Europafilter, which effectively gives your equipment a new oil change every day!

This prolongs the life of oil by 3-5 times. Cost savings in lube oil and oil filters are significant, giving a payback in less than 6 operating months. However, the major benefit is the increased MTBO, reduced downtime and increased reliability. Cleaner oil reduces wear and tear, increasing the life of equipment significantly.

The Europafilter Applications include Gear Oils, Lubricating Oils, Tranformer Oil, Hydraulic Systems, Compressor Oils, Coolants. Any system that has oil in it!

Advanced Diagnostics

Traditional methods of maintenance are reactive. They rely on running hours, sound, vibrations, observations and OEM specifications.

In ExtenSave, we combine our focus on Oil Excellence with condition monitoring and analyzing equipment with measures such as Borescopy, Laser Alignment, Vibration Analysis, Thermo-imaging, Ultrasound measurements and Blow-by and compression checks.

We urge you to let us present our ExtenSave program to you – it could only be hugely beneficial to you!