Auramarine is the world leader in manufacturing Fuel Booster Units and Gas Oil Conditioning Units. We are their exclusive representative in India.

Auramarine’s Fuel Booster units are developed to provide high degree of reliability and accessibility for easy service. The compact design meets increasing demands of ship owners to use minimal space for installation. The marine compact series is available in ten different sizes according to the ship owners’ requirements. The viscosimeter and the temperature controller working in tandem ensure that fuel of exact viscosity is always supplied to the engine.

Auramarine’s Gas Oil Cooling system is the easiest solution for burning low sulphur fuels. At operating temperature viscosity of marine gas oil is well below 1-2 cSt which is the minimum required for lubrication of injection equipment.

Auramarine’s solution is to chill the gas oil, using special chilling equipment, to below 20° C so that viscosity is maintained thereby meeting engine manufacturer’s specifications of lubricating fuel injection equipment parts. Auramarine’s MGO chillers are available with chilling power from 60-300 KW.

Heavy Oil Booster Units


  • Proven accessibility and easy to service
  • Maximum safety and reliability
  • Separate controllers for viscosity and temperature
  • High-quality components and sophisticated design.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Heaters in steam and electric versions
  • Class approved

Model AMB-Mc-02-07
Pump Capacity (50/60 Hz)


Model AMB-Mc-12-26
Pump Capacity (50/60 Hz)

Model AMB-Mc-36-60
Pump Capacity (50/60 Hz)


Marine Gas Oil Cooling System

  • Specially designed for low sulphur fuels
  • Auramarine Chillers cools the fuel to less than 200C, keeps viscosity greater than 2 cSt
  • Simple and reliable
  • Chillers use R404a or R507a refrigerants
  • Solution delivered on turnkey basis
  • Modular units for compact installations
  • Evaporator temp 00C and condenser 450 C
  • Compressors are piston type