What We Offer

Engine Solutions that design, commission, maintain, repair and rebuild your power generation equipment.

Turnkey EPC Solutions

Repairs, Overhauling, Troubleshooting of Diesel Engines; Design, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of engine-based Power Plants, Building Test Cells for engines, Project Consultancy for Data Centres

Heavy Engineering Solutions

Turbochargers, Propulsion Systems, Gearboxes, Clutch, Heat Exchangers, Power Winches

Authorized Distributors for Niigata, Japan

Sole Authorized Sales and Service Distributor of Marine and Industrial Engines, Z-Peller and Gas Engines in India and Sri Lanka

Authorized Distributors for EMD, USA

Sole Authorized Service and Spares Distributor for EMD in India. Complete support for 645 and 710 series engine.

Engine Experts: Specialists in CAT, Detroit, Cummins, Wartsila, Yanmar and MTU

Trained technicians and engineers to handle any diesel and gas engine repair, maintenance and troubleshooting. Supplier of genuine CAT Spare Parts with warranties, Service Provider with track record of 18 years, including electronic engines. Two Caterpillar engines and one Detroit engine for in-house training.

Authorized Distributor for Auramarine, Finland

Authorized Sales and Service Distributor for Crystal Ballast Systems and Viscosity Booster Units

Authorized distributors of Bosch

Supply of Zexel governors, Zexel Fuel Injection Pumps, Dual Fuel and Common Rail Fuel Injectors, Starter Motors, Alternators, Oil Filtration Systems

Capability Building Center

World-class training facility with live EMD 16-645, CAT D399, CAT C-15 (electronic), CAT C-32 (electronic) and Detroit 8V-71 engines that provide practical training, in addition to classroom instruction.

ExtenSave= Neptunus’ Technology Offering that helps you EXTEND your equipment life and SAVE maintenance costs!

Industrial IOT

Connecting your machines through sensors and data acquisition units for analyzing and visualizing information about your machines in real-time. This will help you make better operational decisions that impact your business.

Surface Protection

We represent Metaline, world’s finest Polyurethane Surface Coating Technology. Our coating solutions start with a thickness of 1mm and promise cost savings of 60%. It eliminates Corrosion, Erosion, and Cavitation in Hulls, Propellers and Propulsion Systems, Pipes, Pumps for corrosive fluids, Valves, Rudders, Dredging Hoses, Water Jets Propulsion Systems

Proactive Oil Management

We help you monitor the condition of your oil through testing and customized analysis such as Particulate Contamination Testing, Water Contamination Measure, Oxidation Stability Measure, Oil Consultation. With solutions that filter your oil up to 0.1 micron, ExtenSave Proactive Oil Management is your best bet to reduce the unwanted particles in your oil and prevent oil oxidation

Condition Monitoring

Save Upwards of 25% on Maintenance Costs and extend equipment life by increasing MTBO. We offer over 40 different types of vibration and equipment data capturing sensors with a special software for analysis, so your machine’s health can be monitored remotely from any corner of the world, helping you make better operational decisions. Our Shaft Laser Alignment solution offers you an easy, wireless and cost-effective alternative to conventional laser alignment solutions. In addition, we also offer borescope and thermal imaging solutions for our customers.

Predictive Machine Diagnostics

Predict failures before they happen! With the world’s most advanced diagnostic tool for main engines, bearing, pumps, motors and torque, you can now monitor your machine’s key health indicators such as mechanical stress and torsional angle. Similarly, you can monitor the quality of your lube oil through permittivity oil quality sensors. These sensors have the best cost-benefit ratio in the world! Our Oil Quality Sensors come with display units that will give you color coded, numerical signals on the health of your oil, so you can automate alarms for the oil change for any machine in your workshop.

India’s largest exporter of Cu3 Propellers scrap. We recycle and export up to 1800 tons of Propellers material annually.

Product Offerings

Cuni 90/10, Cuni 70/30, Monel 400, Monel 500, Gun-Metal, AB2 Propeller Scrap.Pieces cut to meet customer requirements. Size range covers 200 x 200 mm, 300 x 300 mm, 600 x 1000 mm and 1500 x 1500 mm.


We serve propeller manufacturers, ingot manufacturers and continuous casting product manufacturers in over 14 countries. We have strong relations with ship breakers and scrap dealers in India, Bangladesh and UAE.

Accurate Composition

Material tested in a Govt. of India approved laboratory prior to purchase. Consistent high composition accuracy and reliability.

Identification and Traceability

Each piece is punched with a unique identification number. Stickers ensure easy visibility. Easy to track while unloading.

Quick Access Cloud Database for Customers

In our quest to continually delight our customers, we have built a Neptunus Cloud based portal that will enable customers to view all reports from our service jobs on their sites, contract documentation and photographs of projects. This will give our customers real time data about our work on their assets and our contracts with them, and will enable us to serve them better. This Neptunus Cloud service enables our customers to keep track of all our work with them historically, and avoids the hassle of them having to save their reports separately.

Reports include:

  • Work Done Reports
  • Inspection Reports
  • Health Check-Up Reports
  • Oil Analysis Reports
  • Customer Feedback Forms
  • Purchase Orders
  • Export Documentation
  • Surveyor Reports