Celebration of successful 20 years of inception


CelebratIMG_6037 (800x533)ion of completing 20 years of inception started with our Neptunus Anthem. Ashok Yadav (Service Officer) gave a wonderful speech on the journey of Neptunus. Thankful to Mr. Ramaswamy for his talk with Neptunites.





Awarded people who have completed 3, 5, 7, 10, 10+ years with Neptunus by giving beautiful coins & certificates than a token of thank to all for making these years successful with a gift as Watch. And some dancing followed by dinner which made this day more colorful and enjoyable.



Director Speaks: Twenty years is a milestone any company will be proud of.These are the most difficult years for a start-up. Having crossed this milestone we are now on a sustainable growth. Each of you has reason to be proud of .IMG_5804

The success belongs to each one of you. Neptunus is recognisedtoday as the best engine service company in this region. As we look ahead, I am terribly excited about our future. You guys have done a great job so far. Congratulations to each one of you. Happy 20th Birthday.




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