Celebration of successful 20 years of inception


CelebratIMG_6037 (800x533)ion of completing 20 years of inception started with our Neptunus Anthem. Ashok Yadav (Service Officer) gave a wonderful speech on the journey of Neptunus. Thankful to Mr. Ramaswamy for his talk with Neptunites.





Awarded people who have completed 3, 5, 7, 10, 10+ years with Neptunus by giving beautiful coins & certificates than a token of thank to all for making these years successful with a gift as Watch. And some dancing followed by dinner which made this day more colorful and enjoyable.



Director Speaks: Twenty years is a milestone any company will be proud of.These are the most difficult years for a start-up. Having crossed this milestone we are now on a sustainable growth. Each of you has reason to be proud of .IMG_5804

The success belongs to each one of you. Neptunus is recognisedtoday as the best engine service company in this region. As we look ahead, I am terribly excited about our future. You guys have done a great job so far. Congratulations to each one of you. Happy 20th Birthday.




Health Drive: 11 Km Spirit Run at IIT-B

Neptunites successfully completed a 11 km run at IIT Bombay. As part of our Health Drive, 11 of us took to the track, and successfully completed the run. Our top two runners Ram and Akshay completed the run in just an hour! We are proud of the team. Congratulations!
Top left: Kishor, Payal, Pramod, Akshay P, Suvankar, Arihant.
Bottom Left: Rehan, Sarang, Ashutosh, Anita, Ram.
11 KM Spirit Run IIT-Bombay

Vendex Exhibition 2016

Vendex Exhibition 2016Neptunus recently participated in Vendex 2016 (Industrial Exhibition cum Vendor development program at Gavdevi Maidan, Thane and MSME Manthan 2016). The event had more than 80 participants.

Vendex 2016 was an event for MSE Manufacturers and service providers interested in showcasing their prowess and expanding market base in Government Departments and PSUs and also with Large reputed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). It was a unique opportunity for Exporters, Award winners, Successful Innovators and ambitious MSE Units to exhibit their capabilities.
Good Job Prashant and Team!!

Climbing Up Koraigad


Our picnic to Koraigad was a huge hit. A challenging trek led us up a plateau with no other visitors on that day, giving Team Neptunus sole access to one of the most marvelous sights in Maharashtra.